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Passat 3B rear spring replacement

Broken coil springs can be extremely dangerous if left unattended. Emergency braking or a sudden change in steering input (avoiding an obstruction in the road for example) could cause your vehicle to react in an adverse and dangerous manner.

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to change a rear coil on a Volkswagen Passat 3B.

Please note that this procedure is for experienced persons only and should not be attempted without the appropriate equipment.

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Support the vehicle correctly and remove the road wheel


Once the wheel is off you'll need a 18mm spanner and socket to remove the lower arm bolt


Support the lower arm but do not compress the spring. Remove the lower arm front bolt


Remove the spring and ensure the top and bottom spring plates come out along with any broken parts


Ensure the coloured marks on the new spring are the same as the one you remove. We can determine the correct parts for you from your chassis number and PR codes


Ensure the top and bottom mounts are fitted, check the spring is seated correctly and raise the lower arm (with the appropiate equipment) until the bolt holes align


Torque up to the correct specification. We are happy to provide details for your indivdual model if we supply the parts

Refit the wheel and torque up the wheel nuts


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