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VW dash warning lights - Green

Green warning lights are an indication of the correct or active function. Their instruction should be followed.

Note: Functions and lights are model specific and may not be available on your vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for detailed explanation of the feature.

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Watch our "How to" find out about your green VW dash warning light video or scroll down for a static display


CRUISE CONTROL - The system is active and functioning correctly.


PRESS FOOTBRAKE - For automatic transmission vehicles only. The footbrake pedal must be held down before a gear selection can be made - normal function.


LANE ASSIST - The system is active and functioning normally. Road markings have been detected.


Top image - Cruise control is on and in normal state.
Middle image - vehicle ahead is within range but is at a safe distance.
Bottom image - vehicle infront is too close.

Please refer to your owners manual for how to operate (if fitted).

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