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Golf GTi Mk5 rear brake pads and discs replacement (Rear)

This guide will show you how to replace rear pads and discs on a Mk5 Golf GTi.

Please see our other 'How to' guide on replacing Golf Mk5 front pads and/or discs

We have not provided torque settings as they may differ from model to model. If you have purchased the parts from us please contact us for the measurements. We will require your chassis number.

Always fit pads or discs in matching pairs. Never replace just one side.

Buy Genuine VW Brake Pads and Discs

Watch our "How to" guide to replace your MK5 Golf GTi rear brake pads and/or discs video or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

Ensure there is enough space in the reservoir for brakefluid to be pushed back up into it without overflowing


Remove the rear caliper bolts with a 13mm spanner, counting holding with a 15mm


Lever the caliper away from the pads and remove the pads. Lever off the pad retaining clips. New clips come with genuine pads


(Skip this stage if you are only renewing pads)
Remove the 2 x caliper carrier bolts using a 14mm multi-spline tool They'll be very tight and there's very little space to work in!


Remove the carrier and use a T30 torx to remove the disc retaining screw. The disc may require a tap with a hammer in order to release it from the hub


Wind the caliper screw back using a Volkswagen special tool


Fit the new disc and secure the fitting screw


Refit the caliper carrier using new bolts and torque up as required


Apply genuine Volkswagen grease to the rear of the pad and to the ends where they contact with the clips. Refit the pads


Refit the caliper using new bolts and torque up, counting holding with the 15mm spanner.

Recheck the security of all components and repeat for the other side. Ensure the brakefluid level is correct and refit the cap.


Warning! Pump the brake pedal to close the gap between the pads and the discs before driving off! Failure to do so may result in an accident or injury.


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