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Changing an Air Filter - VW Golf Mk5

A "How to guide" to replacing your air filter on a Mk5 Golf. Model shown is a BWA VW Golf GTi engine.

Other Volkswagen petrol Mk5 Golf engines follow a similar procedure.

Buy genuine VW Air Filters


Watch our "How to" guide to replace your MK5 Golf air filter video or scroll down for the static step by step guide.


Remove the engine top cover...


Unclip the Air Mass Meter plug


Unclip the pipe at the back of the cover


Remove the front intake pipe. Lift the top cover off, checking that the rubber fixing points stay in place


Place the top cover face down, protecting it from damage. Remove the 8 philips screws as marked in the picture


Open the two parts of the housing. One side is hinged. The filter is now visable. Remove it and replace with genuine Volkswagen Parts. Clean the inside of the housing

Refit in reverse order

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