'PS' explained

You may well have seen the letters 'PS' used on our site and other Volkswagen literature when we refer to engine power.

BHP (Brake Horse Power) is the most commonly used measurement of engine output, taken at the wheel. PS (Pferdestarke, which is German for 'horse strength') is sly a slightly different method of calculation and is preferred by Volkswagen.

1 PS unit is 98.6% of a BHP unit. Therefore when we talk about the Golf GTi 210 PS engine this converts to 207 BHP.

We suggest that you don't get too hung up on the PS/BHP debate. If you remember to knock off 1.5 units of PS per 100 to get the BHP figure you won't be far out.

Visit Which.co.uk for a PS to BHP (or vice versa) convertion calculator.

Read more about Horsepower at Wikipedia

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