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Wiper Blades - how to change them

A "How to guide" to replacing your wiper blades

Warning! Dropping the wiper arm could crack your windscreen!

Watch our "How to" change your VW wiper blades video
or follow the step by step guide below.

We also have a guide to assist with the functions of the VW wiper system

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1. Turn the ignition on and then off. Press the wiper stalk down (quick wipe) and release. The arms will stop upright in the 'park' position. Check which blade you are replacing. They are often different lengths.


2. Lift the arm towards you which will hinge from the base.


3. Press the button inward and gently pull the blade upward.


4. Warning! Ensure the arm doesn't fall backwards onto the windscreen. It will crack it! Hold the arm at all times.


5. Slide the blade completely out. Slide the new one in until the square button pops into place. Carefully lower the arm to the screen.


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