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Understanding your wiper operations

You'd be surprised how many of our customers are confused by the number of functions available on their wiper stalk. If you're one of those, don't worry - we'll make it easy for you with this quick guide - It does depend on your model, but for most Volkswagens built in the last 10 years the following functions are correct.

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We also have a guide to help you change your VW wiper blades

The lower position is the 'Off' setting

Pressing down from the 'Off' position produces a single 'flick' wipe. This is very useful for clearing the screen of damp or light spots of rain

One position up from 'Off' is either 'Intermittent' or 'Auto', depending on your vehicle. (Vehicles with self adjusting automatic rain sensors can be identified by a rear view mirror that has a press button underneath it which shows a green light in the front face of the mirror frame)

Use the 'toggle' to adjust either the time between wipers on 'Intermittent' or the sensitivity of the rain sensors for vehicles with 'auto'. Furthest to the left is the longest (approx. 16 secs) or the least sensitive. Furthest to the right is the shortest (approx. 4 secs between wipes) or the most sensitive.

From intermittent/auto the next position up is constant wipe, single speed (shown in the photo as 'low)

The final position (right to the top) is constant wipe, double speed

From any position, pull the stalk towards you to activate the screen washer. Release when required

If fitted, push the stalk away from you to start the rear wiper and hold it back further to use the rear washer. Once working the rear wiper goes into 4 second cycles. Pull the stalk back towards the steering wheel to turn it off

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