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Passat 3B Pollen filter housing reseal

If the plenum chamber drain holes become blocked on a VW Passat 3B rain water can back up and leak through the base of the pollen filter housing where the rubber seal dries out and splits or breaks up.

This guide will show you how to replace the seal. We also have a pollen filter replacement guide for the VW Passat 3C (electric handbrake) model.

Watch our "How to" reseal your VW Passat pollen filter housing video or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

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Remove the bonnet rubber (rear section)

Remove the plenum chamber trim

Remove the pollen filter retaining clip

Remove the pollen filter

Remove both wiper arms (13mm nut)

Using a T30 torx bit take off the bonnet edge trims (both sides)

Remove 2 x retaining clips on windscreen trim (1x central & 1x drivers side)

Carefully unclip the windscreen lower trim

Take off the pollen filter housing top trim

3 x 10mm nuts retain the housing

Lift out and then turn the housing over. Here you can see the split rubber seal

Make sure this area under the housing is completely clean and dry before refitting

Clean up the housing and fit the new sealant. We would also recommend replacing the foam gasket. Reverse the procedure, taking care when refitting the windscreen trim as excessive force may cause the screen to crack


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