Volkswagen Polo 2014

The latest in the Polo range carries on from where it left off and with over 14 million Polo's sold since it's release in 1975 we're sure this will be as successful as it's predecessor!

The 2014 Polo features a range of new technologies and engines designed to improve safety, practicality, comfort and efficiency and with a new interior and exterior design it looks like it's off to a great start.

LED headlights, containing a distinctive light signature, are optional with the front of the vehicle featuring more precise lines to the bumper and grille with a chrome strip between the fog lights. There are new rear tail lights, a new rear bumper and five new alloy wheel designs available to choose from. This is all the Polo needs to give it a subtle difference to the old model.

With the new exterior comes a new interior with a new steering wheel and a redesigned centre console featuring new heating and ventilation controls. They have also fitted it with the new infotainment system as seen in the MK7 Golf. This new system uses touchscreen technology that reacts to swiping movements (like you would do on your smartphone) and proximity sensors that detect when you reach over to use the system taking it out of it's standby mode.

It's not just visual changes that have been made to the latest Polo with all new engines available offering more power but still more efficient than the previous engines used, up to 21% more efficient in certain cases.

Two new 1.0L multi-point injection engines are the entry level with either 60 or 75ps available as well as two new 1.2L TSI engines with either 90 or 110ps. The old 1.4 TSI engine has been developed to produce an extra 10ps taking it to 150ps and also features cylinder deactivation ( ACT ).

A new petrol powered BlueMotion TSI engine has been designed specifically for the UK market which produces 94g/km of CO2 and 68.9 mpg on a combined cycle. It uses a 1.0L turbocharged three-cylinder engine producing 90ps. A GTI model will be available next year with more power than the previous model, we're looking forward to seeing that!
The diesel engines have also been replaced with two new three-cylinder 1.4 TDI engines producing 75 or 90ps.

A new optional sports suspension system is available giving you the opportunity to select from two different settings using electronically controlled dampers. The steering will feel more precise with a new electro-mechanical steering system replacing the old unit. All new Polo's will be fitted with an automatic post-collision braking system as standard, this helps minimise the chances of a second impact by automatically applying the brakes to reduce kinetic energy. Automatic cruise control, city emergency braking and a driver alert system are all optional.

Prices will be confirmed closer to it's launch in April with the first of the new Polo's expected on the road towards the end of July.

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