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VW dash warning lights - Yellow

Yellow/Amber warning lights are an indication of a incorrect function and must be investigated immediately. Some faults can be repaired by you (DPF, low oil etc) but others (such as EPC & glowplug) must be dealt with by your local Volkswagen dealer

Note: Functions and lights are model specific and may not appear on your vehicle. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for detailed explanation of the feature.

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HEADLAMP RANGE CONTROL - Fault in the headlamp range system. Be aware that your headlamps may dazzle other road users. Book in with your VW dealer

ADAPTIVE LIGHT SYSTEM- Headlamps will not dip automatically when approaching oncoming traffic. Manual control should not be affected.

TOWING HITCH FAULT - (Factory fit only) - Disconnect and reconnect. Has the trailer has been connected correctly?

Yes, and light has now gone out - safe to drive.
Yes, but light is still on - Do not tow. Contact your dealer.
No, connect correctly or do not tow if unsure.

CONVERTIBLE ROOF - the light will illuminate during the normal opening or closing process.

If the light is on and the roof is fully open or closed there is a fault.

KESSY - KEYLESS ENTRY - The warning light will illuminate if the key is removed from the vehicle when the engine is running. Return to the vehicle. If the light is on at any other time, contact your local VW dealer

LANE ASSIST - This warning light will display if the Lane Assist is switched on but road markings can not be detected. If there is a fault the system will also display a message in the drivers information display. Arrange an appointment with your dealer.

CLUTCH PEDAL - Indicates that the clutch pedal must be depressed in order to start the engine. Refer to your owners handbook for more details on the operation of this function.

WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID LEVEL - The washer fluid bottle is low on fluid. Top up with the correct mixture of VW Genuine Washer Fluid and water. The light will reset when the bonnet is closed.

REAR FOG LIGHT - The rear fog light is on. Switch on via the main headlamp switch or other button as appropiate on your vehicle. Only operate the rear fog light where conditions allow it in line with the Highway Code

LOW FUEL LEVEL - The fuel level has reached the reserve (approx. 9 litres/2 gallons) and should be topped up as soon as possible.

STEERING LOCK - Electronic steering lock malfunction. Drive with care.

ESP ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAMME - Is the ESP light on or sometimes flashing when driving?

Solid light all the time - Check the system hasn't been turned off (switch near gearlever). If not, proceed with caution to your Volkswagen dealer
Light flashing sometimes when driving - This indicates the wheels are spinning and the traction system is trying to control. Reduce acceleration.

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