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Golf Mk5 rear bulb or lamp replacement

This "How to" guide will show you how to replace a rear bulb or lamp cluster on a Golf MK5.

Watch our "How to" change your VW Golf MK5 rear bulb video or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

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First pull back the boot carpet to obtain access to the bolts holding the rear lamp assembly

Unclip the wiring plug using a small flat bladed screwdriver

The lamp is held up 2 x 10mm nuts, one of which is recessed within the bodywork. A 10mm socket on a ratchet is the easiest way to remove it

Here's the second nut located below the plug

Once the two nuts are removed, pull the lamp unit away from the vehicle

Release the 3 x clips as shown in the picture to remove the bulb holder. The clips can be difficult to lever and can also break if too much force is applied

Replace the blown bulb by turning and twisting it. Refit in the reverse order. Test your hard work!


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