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Emergency Key - how to find it

Flat vehicle battery or remote isn't working? Learn how to find the emergency key to open your Volkswagen.

Once you've accessed the key, if you can't see any locks you'll need to use our VW manual door unlocking guide.

We also have a guide to replacing your Volkswagen key remote battery

Watch our "How to" guide to finding your Volkswagen emergency key or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

This is a Passat style key...

And this one is a Touareg or Phaeton...

For a Passat, locate the button on the side of the remote and press it in with a finger nail

At the same time, pull on the keyring loop and withdraw the emergency key

On a Phaeton or Touareg, first press the Volkswagen badge button in. This will release the keyring attachment if it isn't already sticking out

Turn the remote over to locate a small clip (circled in this picture)

Grip the keyring loop between your thumb and forefinger while pressing in on the small clip with the back of your thumb nail. Press the Volkswagen logo at the same time

Pull the emergency key from the case


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