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Change your Polo dash time clock

A "How to guide" to reset your VW Polo clock. There is a separate VW clock setting guide for Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Scirocco

Watch our "How to" video guide to Setting your VW Polo Clock or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

Turn on the ignition. You will be using the two buttons located at the bottom of the dash cluster.

First, press the left hand button with the two over-lapping windows symbol.

The 'hours' will flash on the cluster.

Press the right hand button (labelled as 0.0/SET) within 5 seconds for each hour required. The clock is in a 24hr format.

Press the left hand button again and the clock will move to the minutes.

Press the right hand button to move the minutes forward. Again, 1 press per minute.

Finally press the left hand button to confirm the setting. The display will show the days (shown here as 490) and miles (shown here as 9800) until the next service. Press the left button again to return to normal or leave and the display which will clear after 10 seconds.

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