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Replacing The Oil And Oil Filter On A VW Golf R 2.0

The Golf R has a plastic sump and a unique plastic sump plug that twists and locks into position which avoids over tightening. The sump plug needs renewing as it has an O-ring seal.
Oil filter 06L115562B
Oil 5 litres ZGB115QLB01501 and 1 litre ZGB115QLB01500
Sump plug

Lift off the engine cover.

Use a 32mm socket to undo the oil filter housing.

Remove the oil filter and housing.

You can undo the sump plug with a large flat bladed tool like a screw driver and turn anti clockwise.

Catch the oil in a suitable container.

Replace the sump plug with a new one.

Remove the old oil filter...

....and replace the oil filter housing seal.

Now insert the new oil filter....

....and torque up to 25NM + 5.

Unscrew the oil filler cap.

Pour in about 5.7 litres of the recommended engine oil, screw the filler cap back on then briefly start the engine to circulate the oil.

Pull out the dip stick and wipe it, put it back in, pull it out again...

....check the oil level and top up if needed.

You'll then need to reset the service light.

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