Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

New Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

The new Beetle cab is now open for ordering and will arrive with customers in early Spring 2013.

Following on from the hard top's successful facelift, the new cabriolet sports the same slim lines and refreshed styling.

New trim levels

The cab follows the established Beetle, Design and Sport trims but also adds interesting specs in the form of 50's, 60's and 70's editions. All models feature an electric folding roof which opens in just 11 seconds and closes in a mere 9.5. This can be achieved on the move, up to 31mph. A tonneau cover is supplied to tidy things up once you've dropped the top.

50's Edition

The 50's is based on the Design trim and features -

1.4 TSi 160ps engine
Black exterior paint work
17" black 'Orbit' alloys
'Vienna' leather in Salsa red/black or Nutria beige
50's badge detailing on the front wings
Front and rear parking sensors
Multi device interface (iPod/USB connection)
Gloss black dash facia
RCD 510 touch screen DAB radio with the Fender premium sound pack

60's Edition

The 60's model is based on the Sport trim line and has -

1.4 TSi 160ps engine
Candy white or Denim blue paint
18" 'Twister' alloys
'Vienna' leather in Salsa red/black or Atlantic blue/black
60's badges on the wings
Front and rear parking sensors
Multi Device Interface (MDI)
Matching dash colour to exterior paint
RCD 510 DAB touch screen radio

70's Edition

Finally, the 70's model is based on the Design trim line and has -

1.4 TSi 160ps engine
'Java' exterior paint with a Nutria beige electric roof
18" 'Discus' alloy wheels
Chrome wing mirror cases
'Vienna' leather interior in Nutria beige
70's wing detail badges
Front and rear parking sensors
Dash in Java to match exterior
RCD 510 DAB touch screen radio

Pricing from launch in Spring 2013

Model/Trim levelEngineCo2 g/kmOn The Road £
1.2 105ps TSi14218150.00
1.6 105ps BMT11819970.00
1.2 105ps TSi14220525.00
1.2 105ps TSi DSG13921970.00
1.4 160ps15822410.00
1.6 105ps BMT11822040.00
1.6 105ps BMT DSG11923500.00
2.0 TDi13423140.00
2.0 TDi DSG14524630.00
1.4 TSi 160ps15824050.00
2.0 TDi13424780.00
2.0 TDi DSG14526270.00
2.0 TSi 200ps17424970.00
2.0 TSi 200ps DSG18026480.00
1.4 160ps15824655.00
1.4 160ps15825875.00
1.4 160ps15824450.00

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