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How to set a speed warning on your VW dashboard

Many VW dash clusters have the ability to set a 'road speed warning' on the display. It provides a visual and an audiable warning when the user defined road speed is exceeded. The vehicle speed is never physically restricted though.

The function can be set and altered via a multi function steering wheel control or via the computer display toggles located on the wiper stalk. This can be done while on the move as well as stationary.

This method will also work on most Audi, SEAT and Skoda vehicles.

If a function of your vehicle, the speed warning looks like this...

It can be set using the up, down, left, right and ok buttons via a multi-fuction steering wheel

or the toggle on the wiper stalk

Select the function and press 'ok'. Use the up or down button to change the speed warning in intervals of 5 mph

Once the desired speed is reached press the 'ok' button to confirm

When the road speed is exceeded the display will go brighter and an audiable 'ping' will be heard.

Clear or change the function using the method above

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