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Connect or pair your mobile via Bluetooth to your Volkswagen

Many VW radios (also known as headunits) have the 'phone' button but this doesn't mean the function is fitted from the factory.

The system can however be fitted after production. Please contact us for details.

If your vehicle is compatible straight away, the phone settings will be shown on the dash board multi function display. This guide is intended for those vehicles.

Watch our "How to" guide to connecting your mobile phone via bluetooth to a VW radio/headunit or scroll down for the static step by step guide.

Using the right hand steering wheel controls, scroll left or right to display the phone settings.

If your vehicle is bluetooth enabled the display will look like this. Select 'phone search'

Switch on the bluetooth setting on your mobile

The system will look for your phone

When prompted on the dash display enter the pin code 0000 (Four zeros)

The phone will now connect and display the name, battery condition and features. Calls can now be made and received. Automatic reconnection will occur when you restart the vehicle.

Music can now be sent via Bluetooth to the headunit. Press the 'media' button. A greyed out bluetooth logo will appear on the right hand side

Select the track/album from your phone you wish to play. Use the airplay button to select the car kit

The bluetooth button on the radio unit will now light up. Press play and ensure your mobile volume is up in order to hear the audio. This feature will only play through the front speakers and will not display the track name

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